Viveca nominerad till The Icepick

Vivecas tredje bok, I grunden utan skuld, har nominerats till det isländska priset Icepick för bästa översatta kriminalroman. De tre andra nominerade är Jo Nesbø för Gengångare och Blod på snö, Pierre Lemaitre för Alex, och Paula Hawkins, för Kvinnan på Tåget.

- Det känns väldigt hedrande att vara nominerad till Icepick, säger Viveca. Inte minst med tanke på de utmärkta författare som också är nominerade.

icepeck award 2015The 2015
Icepick Award

The shortlist for the 2015 Icepick has been chosen. The award is for the best crime novel translated into Icelandic, with the quality of both the original and the translation judged. The nominations are announced on the 23rd of July, the birthday of Raymond Chandler, author of one of the most famous crime novels of all time in which an ice pick was the murder weapon.

Nominations are:

Afturgangan (Gjenferd / Phantom) by Jo Nesbø, translated by Bjarni Gunnarsson. (Útg. JPV útgáfa) Nesbø fans will not be disappointed by this worldwide bestseller featuring Harry Hole, in which he returns to Norway from his self-imposed exile in Hong Kong. The story is fast and sharp, and the tension isn’t dropped through the 500 pages of Bjarni Gunnarsson’s translation.

Alex (Alex) by Pierre Lemaitre, translated by Friðrik Rafnsson. (Útg. JPV útgáfa) The story opens with the beautiful Alex kidnapped on the street and condemned to a terrible death in an abandoned warehouse. The diminutive detective inspector Camille Verhaeven and his team manage to find the location, but that’s when this rollercoaster really takes off. Friðrik Rafnsson manages an interplay of the lively narrative and some bizarre characters in this excellent translation.

Blóð í snjónum (Blod på snø / Blood on Snow) by Jo Nesbø, translated by Bjarni Gunnarsson. (Útg. JPV útgáfa) This unusual tale, told from the viewpoint of contract killer Olaf provides an insight into a world of crime and violence. Jo Nesbø’s lyrical and unrelenting narrative about this ruthless and lonely killer is done justice in Bjarni Gunnarsson’s translation.

Konan í lestinni (The Girl on the Train) by Paula Hawkins, translated by Bjarni Jónsson. (Útg. Bjartur) An alcoholic storyteller on the train tells a tale of a perfect couple she sees from the window, until one day the wife vanishes. When Rachel involves herself in the case and tries to recall incidents she witnessed while dead drunk, she sets off a chain of events that is more than she can cope with. Bjarni Jónsson’s translation is lucid and eminently readable in its description of the inner life and difficulties faced by a woman struggling to manage her own life and alcohol problems.

Syndlaus (I grunden utan skuld) by Viveca Sten, translated by Elín Guðmundsdóttir. (Útg. Ugla) Nora Linde is already familiar to Icelandic readers,as is her friend, the police officer Thomas Andreasson, and the setting in the Swedish archipelago. This exciting story brings together the sins of an older age with terrible crimes taking place here and now, as well as events in the personal lives of Nora and Thomas. Elín Guðmundsdóttir’s skilful translation vividly renders the plot and the characters in a story that grips the imagination to the very last page.

This is the second year that the Icepick is awarded by the organisers of the Iceland Noir crime fiction festival, the Icelandic Crime Syndicate and the Icelandic Association of Translators and Interpreters. The judging panel members are Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Kolbrún Bergthórsdóttir, Magnea J. Matthíasdóttir, Quentin Bates and Ragnar Jónasson.


i de lugnaste vatten 500
i den innersta kretsen 500
i grunden utan skuld 500
i natt aer du doed 500
i stundens hetta 500
i farans riktning 500
i maktens skugga 500
i sanningens namn 500
i fel sallskap
i hemlighet begravd