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A trained lawyer and author of several books on Business negotiations, Viveca is a sought-after speaker who regularly lectures on this topic. She is an inspirational storyteller who also shares her story of moving from big business corporations to being one of Scandinavias most popular crime writers.

Inspirational and leadership lectures

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Author lectures

Booked through: Författarcentrum Öst
Administrator: Alf Kyhlén
Phone: 08-611 58 03
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Crime novel management - What leadership can learn from authorship

What can leaders learn from a successful writer who writes about crime and death? A lot, it should show during this 45 minute long lecture where Viveca personally and inspiringly tells how these two worlds can cross-fertilize each other. Viveca talks about the importance of capturing its audience, daring to fail, and what it takes to constantly innovate.

Corporate Storytelling

Storytelling is the new thing in marketing when companies want to create stories to sharpen their brands and strengthen their corporate culture and common values. Hear one of Sweden's true "storytellers" tell how she captures her audience with the help of words, images, symbols and emotions. Viveca takes us into the world of the author where everything is about touching the reader. Be inspired by Viveca when she talks about the art of creating authentic and living stories that live on in people's minds for a long time.

Negotiate successfully

Negotiate successfully is a practical course in negotiation techniques for you who work with all kinds of negotiations. The course offers powerful tools and spans the entire negotiation process - from preparation to implementation. The importance of the right communication and negotiation strategy is discussed in detail while you get concrete advice and useful tips.

Expedition: Bestseller

Join Viveca Sten on an inspiring expedition where she explores what it really takes to turn an idea into success. She takes her starting point in her own journey from chief lawyer to queen of crime writing (hittade inget bra ord för deckardrottning). This is 45 minutes packed with inspiration and concrete advice on personal development. A lesson in that failures do not have to mean a step backwards but instead a movement forward, and how much luck and talent matters when it comes to success.