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Season 1

Still waters

During an early morning swim at the beach, Nora encounters a dead body in the water.

Nordic crime meets beautiful island scenery in this series based on the popular novels by Viveca Sten.

Part 1

On a trip with her two children to the beach, Nora Linde discovers a body in the water.
Inspector Thomas Andreasson,is assigned the case, and dismisses the initial assumption of drowning, suspecting murder.

Part 2
The police have a suspect but Nora continues to involve herself in the investigation.
After a chance meeting with inspector Thomas, she gives information that seems to lead to new clues.
Part 3
While preparing for a 40th wedding celebration, Nora's own children go missing at the beach.
The search leads to a macabre discovery that pulls the case many years back through history.

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