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Season 6

Season 6

New neighbors arrive on Sandhamn but their welcome from the islanders is short-lived.

Nordic crime meets beautiful island scenery in this series based on the popular novels by Viveca Sten.

Part 1. The Price of Power
A real estate agent doing business in Russia travels to Sandhamn, disrupting the summer idyll. He buys a piece of beach on the southern side of the island and builds a luxury house there.
Part 2. In the Name of Truth
A young boy goes missing from sailing camp at the same time a pedophile gets released from prison. The leaders are unaware that some of the older boys have made Benjamin their whipping boy; someone lurks in the shadows.
Part 3. In the Wrong Company
Nora plans for her wedding, while Mia helps a young mother who's a victim of domestic abuse. The Nacka Police investigate an anonymous report of domestic violence. Mia meets Minna, badly battered, at the hospital.
Part 4. In Sickness and in Health
Mia and Thomas are assigned to surveillance a group of suspected alcohol smugglers. However, chaos ensues when Thomas leaves for a cup of coffee.
Mia gets seriously injured during a stakeout and Nora gets involved in a kidnapping case.

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