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Season 9

Season 9

Swedish crime series, based on Viveca Sten's best-selling detective story. Stockholm's archipelago is not as peaceful as you previously thought. As the waves crash against the rocks, prosecutor Nora Linde (Alexandra Rapaport) fights against unimagined evil. 
Episode 1: Nadia - Part 1
Nora finds an unconscious woman on the beach during her morning jog. The woman, whose name is Nadia, says that she has been trafficked, but refuses to go to the police. Alexander gets tricked on a blind date.
Episode 2: Nadia - Part 2
The French police show great interest in the abandoned boat that has been found outside Sandhamn. A dead man has washed up on the beach, and it turns out to be a wanted person. Nadia reacts with horror when Nora gets a visit.
Episode 3: Esther - Part 1
Two skeletons are found in an earthen cellar. The remains turn out to belong to two young people who disappeared from a confirmation camp 30 years ago. Now everyone from that cohort is called in for questioning; including Nora, Henrik and GIsela.
Episode 4: Esther - Part 2
Henrik remembers that Esther pondered a lot about what the Bible really stood for in relation to love. Nora feels sad about all the old memories that come up in the police interrogation, and Alexander comes out to support her.
Episode 5: Max - Part 1
Just when everything is starting to look good for Alexander and Nora, a mysterious man appears and starts shadowing them. He even approaches Tor at his school. The question is what does he want? Pär takes on his first, completely own, case.
Episode 6: Max - Part 2
Nora is worried about Alexander, who is missing. Pär realizes that his case is connected to two police investigations, and gets help from Valpen. At the same time, the clock is ticking down on a time bomb that threatens to destroy everything.

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