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Season 8

Season 8

Swedish crime series, based on Viveca Sten's best-selling detective story. Stockholm's archipelago is not as peaceful as you previously thought. As the waves crash against the rocks, prosecutor Nora Linde (Alexandra Rapaport) fights against unimagined evil. 
Episode 1: Angelica - Part 1
Alexander and Stenmark catch a burglar in the act, but he refuses to talk until he meets Nora. He claims to know what has happened to the missing Angelica, a case that is highly topical for Nora.
Episode 2: Angelica - Part 2
Angelica is found dead on a construction site and Stenmark makes an unexpected confession when the police secure a DNA trace at the find site. Sylvester has pictures that tie Angelica's husband Leo to the murder and chooses to put pressure on him.
Episode 3: Lili - Part 1
When Sweden's most famous golfer, Teo Skog, reports his wife missing, Stenmark gives the case top priority, but could it be that Teo knows more than he is telling? Nora is wooed by her ex, Jonas, who has reappeared.
Episode 4: Lili - Part 2
Stenmark gets angry that Alexander and Valpen refuse to leave Teo alone, but the testimonies are contradictory. Nora is drawn closer to the case when it turns out that Lili is an old family friend. At the same time, she continues to treat Jonas as an unwanted guest.
Episode 5: Olivia - Part 1
The LVU-home is on a trip when two of the young people escape. A guy, Sebbe, steals a boat and it is assumed that his friend Olivia is also involved. Sebbe's escapade comes to an abrupt end and only then does it become clear that Olivia is actually gone.
Episode 6: Olivia - Part 2
Nathalie acts desperately for people to take her seriously. Alexander hears the news on the radio and reacts immediately, without listening to Stenmark's orders. Olivia is still missing and Pär is getting really worried.

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